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Case studies

The case studies below provide insights into the transformative solutions we have delivered across various industries, showcasing the depth of our expertise and the positive impact we bring to our client's operations.


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses across all sectors are increasingly relying on robust IT infrastructures to streamline operations, enhance productivity and safeguard data integrity. An example of this is the successful implementation of a managed network solution by Ashgoal for a London-based construction firm.

This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, the solutions implemented and the significant benefits accrued from this collaboration.

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In the high-stakes field of pharmaceuticals where innovation, data integrity, and regulatory compliance are paramount, the role of information technology (IT) cannot be overstated. A case in point is the bespoke IT support solution provided by Ashgoal to a expanding pharmaceutical company with 50 staff, based in Hertfordshire.

This case study explores the challenges the pharma company faced, the IT support solutions implemented and the impactful outcomes of this partnership.

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Leisure and retail, where the deployment of advanced information technology (IT) solutions is crucial for staying ahead.

This case study highlights the transformative journey of a UK-based leisure and retail company which partnered with Ashgoal to overhaul its IT infrastructure, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer engagement and increased sales.

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Public Sector

In the public sector, where the protection of sensitive information and adherence to stringent security standards are paramount, the role of IT security consultancy cannot be understated.

This case study delves into the partnership between a public sector organisation in the UK, with a head office in Essex, and Ashgoal, a leading provider of IT security consultancy services. The collaboration aimed to bolster the organisation's cybersecurity posture, mitigate risks and ensure compliance with national security regulations.

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