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Construction case study

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses across all sectors are increasingly relying on robust IT infrastructures to streamline operations, enhance productivity and safeguard data integrity. An example of this is the successful implementation of a managed network solution by Ashgoal, for a London-based construction firm.

This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the significant benefits accrued from this collaboration.

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  • Background

    The construction company, faced with escalating project complexities and the need for seamless communication across sites, recognised the imperative need to overhaul its existing IT infrastructure. The primary challenges included outdated hardware, insufficient data security measures and a lack of centralised data access. These issues not only hampered operational efficiency but also posed significant risks to data security and project management continuity.

  • The Solution

    Ashgoal, with its expertise in delivering tailored IT solutions, was commissioned to design and implement a comprehensive managed network solution. The project commenced with a thorough analysis of the existing IT infrastructure, identifying key areas that required enhancement or complete overhaul. The solution proposed by Ashgoal encompassed the following components:

    Network Design and Implementation

    A bespoke network architecture was developed, ensuring high availability, redundancy and scalability to accommodate future growth. This included the deployment of state-of-the-art routers and switches, wireless connectivity solutions for on-site operations and secure, audited remote access for off-site employees.

    Cybersecurity Measures

    Recognising the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive project data, Ashgoal implemented a multi-layered security strategy. This included advanced firewalls, endpoint protection and intrusion detection systems, coupled with regular security audits and employee training on cybersecurity best practices.

    Cloud Services Integration

    To facilitate centralised data access and improve collaboration across project teams, Ashgoal integrated cloud-based storage and project management tools. This enabled real-time data sharing and collaboration, irrespective of the physical location of team members.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    Understanding the dynamic nature of the construction industry and the critical role of uninterrupted IT services, Ashgoal provided comprehensive ongoing support. This included 24/7 network monitoring, regular maintenance, and swift incident resolution mechanisms.

  • The Outcome

    The implementation of the managed network solution by Ashgoal marked a transformative phase for the construction company. Key outcomes included:

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    The modernised IT infrastructure facilitated streamlined operations, with seamless data access and communication across sites significantly reducing project delays and improving coordination.

    Robust Data Security

    The advanced cybersecurity measures implemented drastically reduced the risk of data breaches, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive project information.


    The flexible network design provided a solid foundation for future expansion, allowing the construction company to adapt to evolving project demands without significant IT overhauls.

    Cost Savings

    The shift to a managed network solution resulted in significant cost savings, eliminating the need for in-house IT maintenance teams and reducing downtime through proactive network management.

  • Conclusion

    The collaboration between Ashgoal and the London construction company shows the transformative potential of tailored IT solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and security. By leveraging Ashgoal's expertise, the company not only addressed its immediate IT challenges but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and competitiveness in the digital era. This case study underlines the critical role of strategic IT partnerships in enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape successfully.